Tired of the arm-ache that comes with manually grinding beans for your morning brew? Put the Deep Heat down. Whatever your price range or barista skills, we’ve found the electric coffee grinder to suit your home set-up

Beginner – KRUPS Expert Burr Grinder, £45

Ready to start beefing up your home brew bar? KRUPS’ Expert Burr Grinder is perfect for newbies who aren’t ready to make an investment. The compact piece of kit has 17 grind settings for different brew methods as well as removable burrs for easy cleaning. The 12-cup capacity means you can brew your latest Indy Coffee Box beans for a crowd in next to no time.

Intermediate – Wilfa Svart Aroma, £105 (pictured top)

If you’re looking to step up your grinding precision, the Wilfa Svart Aroma is a well-rounded intermediate grinder. The stylish grinder provides five different grind sizes for both espresso and pourover methods, plus a nifty timer function. Ensuring maximum flavour extraction was priority number one in the creation of this kit and a specially designed DC motor minimises heat impact while a UV filter protects against sunlight.

Pro – Mazzer Mini Timer, £435

Short of installing a Mythos One in your kitchen, the Mazzer Mini Timer is probably the next best thing. This cafe-standard grinder sports a patented stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment for razor-sharp precision. With a hopper capacity of just over 500g, the Mazzer Mini Timer makes a nifty first cafe grinder for any aspiring owners. It also looks pretty slick, too.