Tasting notes: June

Sample coffees from the UK's finest roasteries this month with our curation of speciality-grade beans. Here's what we've got in store for the June Indy Coffee Box ...

Sample coffees from the UK’s finest roasteries this month with our curation of speciality-grade beans. Here’s what we’ve got in store for the June Indy Coffee Box …

The tasting notes differ for filter and espresso roasts, you’ll be sent the appropriate one for the roast style you pick at the checkout. Omni roasts work well as both filter and espresso

The guys at has bean cup the June coffee.
The guys at has bean cup the June coffee.

Hasbean, Stafford


Coffee: Phil-ter
Varietal: Caturra/Giesha/Cometa
Origin: Nicaragua (50 per cent)/Costa Rica (30 per cent)/Guatemala (20 per cent)
Background: The team at Hasbean are BIG fans of filter coffee and at the roastery there’s always plenty of filter being enjoyed. It’s an absolute necessity to keep Team Hasbean zooming around all day long.
For Phil Ter, they’ve taken some of their favourite single origin coffees and crafted a blend that they believe delivers a fantastically tasty cup of filter coffee. It’s perfect for lazy mornings, busy afternoons and just about everything in between. There’s a juicy sweetness of tinned orange segments to start, but with a big drizzle of milk chocolate poured over the top. Add to that a little sprinkle of hazelnut on the finish for a super moreish and well balanced coffee.
Altitude: 1200m/1500m/1500m
Tasting notes: Tinned orange, milk chocolate, hazelnut


Coffee: Jailbreak
Varietal: Longberry/Catuai/Villa Sarchi
Origin: Nicaragua (50 per cent)/Costa Rica (25 per cent)/Costa Rica (25 percent)
Background: ‘This is Jailbreak, our red blend,’ says Hasbean founder Stephen Leighton.
‘It focuses on sweetness, balance and clarity, while also being easy and super forgiving to work with. The blend is named after my own personal jailbreak many years ago. Before the days of Hasbean, I was a prison officer and I roasted coffee in my free time. Hasbean gave me the opportunity to leave that world behind and live my dream of being a full-time coffee roaster.’
Process: Washed/honey/honey
Altitude: 1450m/1650m/1600m
Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, raisin, malted milk biscuits, walnut

Beans fresh from roasting at Colonna Coffee
Beans fresh from roasting at Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee, Bristol


Coffee: El Diamanté
Varietal: TBC
Origin: Cajamarca, Peru
Background: This coffee is made up of day lots from producers all over Cajamarca that were purposefully blended together based on cup profile. Eighteen different producers contributed to this blend: producers who are based in San Jose de Lourdes, Huabal and Santa Rosa de la Yunga.
All of the day lots come from the middle part of the harvest in high altitude areas, which were processed and dried on the producers’ farms. Most producers in northern Peru have their own manual pulping machine and fermentation tank where they process the coffee, before drying it on their patio or raised beds. Once the coffees have been processed, farmers deliver them as parchment to the Falcon warehouse in Jaén, where they are graded, analysed for moisture content, roasted and cupped.
Altitude: 1600-2000m
Tasting notes: Pear, butterscotch, ginger

Pelicano Coffee Roasters, Brighton
Pelicano Coffee Roasters, Brighton

Pelicano Coffee Roasters, Brighton


Coffee: Banko Gotiti 
Varietal: Heirloom
Origin: Banko Gotiti, Worka, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Background: Banko Gotiti is a village in the Gedeb District of Ethiopia’s Gedeo Zone. The Banko Gotiti cooperative was founded in 2012 and has around 300 members who grow a mix of heirloom Ethiopian varieties of coffee.
This particular lot was specially prepared at the washing station: the cherries were rigorously sorted before being cleaned and depulped, fermented for 48–72 hours, washed, soaked for 8–16 hours, washed again and then dried on raised beds for 9–12 days.
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600-2300m
Tasting notes: Jasmine, apricot, floral citrus

Artisan Roast ready to post
Artisan Roast ready to post

Artisan Roast, Edinburgh


Coffee: Bushoki
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Origin: Rulindo District, Northern Province, Rwanda
Background: The soaring peaks of Rwanda’s highlands are home to a myriad of coffee washing stations, the centralised points for smallholders to process their coffee. Almost all of this coffee is the high quality and accessible Bourbon cultivar, or its local variants like Jackson and Mayaguez, so when flavour profile changes in Rwanda it does so as a result of local terroir. 
There are three main zones of terroir in the country and the Bushoki washing station, which processes coffee from around 800 smallholders, is in the northern zone. Here the coffees are known for their apple and molasses like flavours and for having a more pronounced bright zesty profile than the more full bodied cocoa-like southern coffees or the more fruit-forward western coffees. 
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1770m
Tasting notes: Muscavado sugar, red apple, candied fruit, apricot, jasmine