Tasting notes: May

Treat yourself to a home delivery of fresh coffee beans from a roster of hero roasteries. Find out the line-up for the May Indy Coffee Box …

Treat yourself to a home delivery of fresh coffee beans from a roster of hero roasteries via our monthly speciality coffee subscription. Check out the line-up for the May Indy Coffee Box

The tasting notes differ for filter and espresso roasts, you’ll be sent the appropriate one for the roast style you pick at the checkout. Omni roasts work well as both filter and espresso.

Missing Bean, Oxford

The Missing Bean, Oxford


Coffee: Colombia – El Calapo
Varietal: Castillo
Origin: Colombia
Background: In 2019, Missing Bean founder Ori swapped the UK winter for a trip to Colombia to visit Santiago Salazar and family at their coffee farm El Calapo in the lush foothills of the Andes. Since making the trip, Ori has continued to work with Santiago and is delighted by the complex organic coffees the farmer produces.
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1620m
Tasting notes: Lychee and earl grey tea

Quantum Coffee Roasters

Quantum Coffee Roasters, Cardiff

Coffee: Vietnam, Lam Dong, Arabica
Varietal: Typica, Catimor, Bourbon
Origin: Colombia
Background: Vietnam has only recently entered the speciality coffee market and, with 95 per cent of Vietnam’s coffee output being robusta, this arabica is a rare find. Lam Dong is renowned for its arabica production, and its picturesque hillsides are home to over 23,000 hectares of arabica coffee plants. Harvesting is done by hand and is labour intensive. The selective picking method is used in place of strip picking (usually associated with robusta production), ensuring only the ripe cherries are harvested.
Process: Wet-hulled
Altitude: 1000-1600m
Tasting notes: Well balanced with mild acidity, rich chocolatey and nutty flavour with a full body

Little Red Roaster

Little Red Roaster, Poole

Coffee: El Salvador
Varietal: Pacamara
Origin: El Salvador
Background: Maurico Salaverria is a coffee producer based in El Salvador who owns five small farms. He focuses on growing and processing different coffee varieties, producing fresh selections of micro-lots each season. Maurico has an ecological washing station at his farm Villa Galicia, which collects rainwater during the wet season to use for fully-washed and honey-processed lots. This coffee is a fully-washed single varietal. It has a crisp, tropical acidity with notes of orange and pineapple. There’s also a complex floral element, as well as underlying caramel notes.
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600m
Tasting notes: Orange, caramel, pineapple

Jericho Coffee Traders

Jericho Coffee Traders, Dorset


Coffee: The Source
Varietal: Heirloom
Origin: Ethiopia
Background: This coffee is processed in Adola and is the culmination of crops from 1,470 smallholder farmers in the region. The area is located around 2050m above sea level and has rich forest and red clay soils. The smallholders are part of the Kerchanshe Network which means they receive health and education support as well as agricultural advice. They also benefit from second payment premiums as a reward for producing coffees of high quality.
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2000m-2100m
Tasting notes: Red berries, honey, violet

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