Tasting notes: December 2021

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The tasting notes differ for filter and espresso roasts, you’ll be sent the appropriate one for the roast style you pick at the checkout. Omni roasts work well as both filter and espresso.

Machina Coffee

Machina Coffee Roasters, Edinburgh

Roasted separately for filter and espresso

Varietal: Catuai
Origin: Las Capucas, San Pedro de Copan, Honduras
Background: Capucas is a washed coffee produced by Cooperativa Cafetalera in Las Capucas, Honduras. The Machina team expertly roast the precious beans in two batches: one tailored for filter and the other, espresso.

Espresso subscribers can expect a rich, sweet and low-acidity coffee, with hints of hazelnut and sweet caramel, which reveals a refreshing profile when served black. As filter, it’s still sweet with low acidity, but delivers an enhanced smooth milk-chocolate body, balanced with notes of yellow sultana and almond.
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1450-1460m
Tasting notes: Hazelnut, caramel, chocolate body

Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee, Bristol

Roasted separately for filter and espresso

Varietal: Red Catuai
Origin: Cerro Mogoton, Nicaragua
Background: Los Cielitos farm is situated incredibly close to the top of Cerro Mogoton, nearing the highest point in Nicaragua, and covers an area of 16 manzanas, with half dedicated to coffee growth.

On overcast days the farm sits above the clouds and is extremely difficult to reach via road. During harvest, bags are carried by hand for a kilometre to the nearest pathway for transportation to the dry mill.

Grown under the shade of fruit and pine trees, this Red Catuai lot has been honey processed, watched over by the two sons of Doña Johana, the farm’s owner. Both agro-engineers, her children have elevated the monitoring of all processes across the farm, with plans to focus on anaerobic fermentation in future harvests.
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1750m
Tasting notes: Light, sweet, balanced cup

Grindsmith Coffee Roasteres

Grindsmith Coffee Roasters, Manchester


Varietal: Heirloom
Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia
Background: The Bulessa Washing Station is supervised by Tizita Bizuneh and managed by a team of 15 full-time female workers, with up to 100 additional seasonal staff during harvest season. The coffee is farmed by female smallholder farmers in the local area.

Tizita started the project with the goal of empowering women working in coffee – from production to management of the station. As the project has evolved, the scheme has developed and provided educational and agricultural workshops for children and women in the community.
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1600-1850m
Tasting notes: Jasmine, syrupy, lime


Hasbean, Staffordshire


Varietal: TBC
Origin: El Salvador (70 per cent), Kenya (30 per cent)
Background: The Hasbean team have combined some of their favourite single-origin coffees to create this blend. The subtly sweet but balanced flavours make it the perfect brew for lazy mornings, busy afternoons and just about everything in between.

Hasbean’s range of coffees continually evolves and throughout the year different coffees come and go. Phil-ter is regularly updated to reflect what’s in season.
Process: TBC
Altitude: TBC
Tasting notes: Blackcurrant, caramel, white sugar


Varietal: TBC
Origin: El Salvador (50 per cent), Nicaragua (30 per cent), Ethiopia (20 per cent)
Background: Designed to deliver a punchier old-school espresso experience, Blake: Black Blend is a syrupy, natural-process-led coffee.

Like Phil-ter, the exact blend of beans shifts with the seasons. It currently features a complementary mix of El Salvador, Nicaraguan and Ethiopian coffees.
Process: Natural
Altitude: TBC
Tasting notes: Fig roll, dried apple, currants

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