What the cup?

We asked some coffee bods what kind of cup they like to slurp the good stuff from and how it affects the coffee-drinking experience

Ceramic? Glass? Fine china? Earthenware? The type of cup you choose to drink your expertly crafted coffee from is hugely personal. We asked some coffee bods what they like to slurp the good stuff from and how it affects the coffee-drinking experience

Euan Baker, Moo and Two

Euan Baker, owner of Moo and Two in Frome

‘We have our cups handmade by local potter Fi Underhill so they’re something special. I’d recommend finding a local potter [for your cup] and pouring your coffee into something you’re proud of.’

Greenhood Coffee

Rory Archer, founder and barista at Greenhood Coffee in Nottingham

I drink from many different types of cup and sometimes pause and think ”Yes, this feels right”.

We have certain glasses we use for our cortados (from cortadoglass.com) but lately I have found myself sipping drip coffee from them too and, for clarity and feel, it creates a moment every time. ‘We’ve been slinging takeouts from the window of Greenhood, and I’ve found I love sipping flatties from a lidless compostable cup. The shape, angle and thickness is spot on and I find myself choosing it over ceramic. But, maybe it’s a phase, like my love for Justin Bieber.

Alleyway Coffee

Tom Connolly, founder of Alleyway Coffee in Swansea

‘We use locally made earthenware cups. We collaborated with the potter to create the design and ended up with three sizes.

‘After the incredible journey the coffee has been on and all the hard work, dedication and sacrifice made by everyone involved, I felt it would be a travesty to serve the coffee in mass-produced generic cups. ‘Our cups have no handles which creates the action of raising cupped hands to your mouth. To me that’s a kind of prayer; a way of honouring the coffee and the people involved in it.’

Yallah Coffee

Rich Blake, founder of Yallah Coffee in St Ives

‘I love drinking coffee from mugs, in particular mugs from Emily Oliva Tapp ceramics, which are made using local clay.

‘Filled to the brim with a fresh filter coffee – can’t beat it.’

Jo Rees, Indy Coffee Box

Jo Rees, co-founder of Indy Coffee Box and the Independent Coffee Guides

‘If I use the AeroPress to brew a short strong coffee then I pick one of the small Italian coffee cups we picked up in a secondhand shop in Turin about 15 years ago. Sipping a short coffee from a big mug feels wrong.

‘For my morning V60, however, I always choose one of the 70s lava-glaze earthenware mugs I found on eBay. They have a lovely handmade vibe and are a bit smaller than conventional mugs – I’d be a jittery mess if I started the day on a huge mug of black filter coffee.’

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