7 reasons to feel great about your coffee habit

Cutting out caffeine is a bog-standard new year's resolution, but anyone doing it is obviously not drinking high-quality speciality where the positives kick any negatives to the kerb

Cutting out caffeine is a bog-standard new year’s resolution, but anyone doing it is obviously not drinking high-quality speciality where the positives kick any negatives to the kerb

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1. Coffee community

Coffee folk are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet.

The speciality community – which ranges from farmers and importers to roasters and baristas – is welcoming, knowledgable and inclusive. Bonded by their ambition to make coffee as delicious as possible while ensuring each person involved is paid a fair price for their hard work, the coffee community is passionate about the craft and eager to share the experience with others.

Online communities via social media and coffee forums, as well as IRL destinations such as coffee shops and roasteries, are great places to meet likeminded individuals who love to chat all things coffee.

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2. Health benefits

There’s plenty of evidence to support the claims that coffee drinking (in moderation) has powerful long-term health benefits. Researchers have linked coffee’s high levels of antioxidants (such as polyphenols) to a reduction in the risk of health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and liver, heart, and neurological diseases.

Coffee farmers

3. Supporting real people

By choosing to drink speciality coffee, you’re choosing to support every person in the supply chain – from farmers at origin to independent roasters in the UK.

We work with small-scale independent roasteries that only source speciality coffee from farmers who are paid fairly for their high-quality crop. That means we, wholesalers and roasters, all spend a small amount more to put people before profit.

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4. Adventures in flavour

With an ever-changing smorgasbord of beans delivered to your door via Indy Coffee Box, the adventures in flavour are endless.

Each month we taste-test beans from the UK’s best independent roasteries to uncover the most lip-smackingly delicious coffees to share with you. From different origins to processes to roasting styles, no stone is left unturned in our search for the best-tasting beans. Create your coffee plan here.

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5. Peak physical performance

Many athletes sip coffee before training and competitive events to enhance their physical performance. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, elevates heart rate and facilitates the release of adrenaline, increasing blood flow and delivering a surge of finish-line smashing energy.

coffee boosts brain power

6. Boosts brain power

Need caffeine to kickstart your brain each morning? You’re not alone. Studies suggest a cup of coffee can increase concentration levels, improve mood and boost alertness. Some experts believe it can also help improve long-term memory.

coffee brewing

7. The joy of brewing

Whether you consider it an opportunity to practise mindfulness, or simply use it as a break during a busy day, the ritual of grinding and brewing coffee provides a natural pause.

From listening to the whirr of the burrs to inhaling the intoxicating waft of fresh coffee aroma and watching the grounds bloom, the sensory experience is a meditative ritual that delivers great coffee as its payoff.

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