5 things you didn’t know about Indy Coffee Box

We're not your average coffee subscription service, our dedication to a quality cup goes way beyond the beans, here's five things you probably didn't know about Indy Coffee Box

We’re not your average coffee subscription service, our dedication to a quality cup goes way beyond the beans, here are five things you probably didn’t know about Indy Coffee Box

Indy Coffee Guide

Our big bro is Indy Coffee Guide

We’re obsessed with coffee and have spent the last seven years travelling the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland hunting out the best independent cafes and small artisan roasteries to include in our Indy Coffee Guides. As a result of those travels – and the parties we’ve held from Bristol to Glasgow to launch each edition – we’ve got to know the best roasters in the UK. One of the (many) joys of doing coffee-tasting tours of a region is coming home with bags of great beans which, in many cases, you know you won’t be able to get your hands on again. So we figured if we worked with our chums at the roasteries to create a subscription system, coffee fans like you (and us) could get interesting beans delivered to our home each month.

We try to look after the planet

Alongside valuing authenticity and always aiming to be fair and honest, we do our best to look after the planet – and encourage others to look after it, too. That’s why we don’t repackage beans like other coffee subscription services, and why all our own packaging is recyclable. You’ll notice we often include features with an environmental focus; we like sharing stories of people doing the right thing.

Food Magazine

Independence is the golden thread

We’re called Indy Coffee Box because independence is the thread running through everything we do. We’re a small team of creative foodies who, when not working in coffee, also produce a food magazine which promotes local quality food and dining in the South West of England. We’ve spent 18 years banging the drum for buying local and supporting small-scale enterprises, because who wants to live in a world populated only by retailers the size of Amazon and international coffee chains like Starbucks?

Our coffees change – or we’d get bored

One of the most unusual things about Indy Coffee Box is the ever-changing smorgasbord of different beans. With so many fantastic small roasteries carefully selecting top-quality beans from different places which are processed in different ways, it would be a shame to send you the same old beans each month. We like to think of it as an ‘adventure in flavour’ and, although it takes a lot more effort, it’s worth it.

coffee cherry

We’ve stayed loyal to speciality because …

A) We like that farmers get paid a higher price for the beans. Sure, that means wholesalers, roasters, we and you all spend a small amount more, but we believe it’s our responsibility to be fair to those who grow the wonderful plant we all love.

B) Speciality arabica beans are roasted more lightly than the Italian-style coffee found in supermarkets and most cafe-chains (made using lower grade beans and a mix of both robusta and arabica). Instead of blasting the beans so they taste a bit burnt, light roasting reveals the coffee’s true flavours. It leads to those magical moments when your morning brew surprises with its beguiling notes of rose water, marzipan or caramel toffees.

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