Project Description

‘Speciality coffee needs to be way more inclusive and to achieve this we need to engage with customers. How are we doing this? Kickass products and a kickass brand.’ Fighting talk, indeed, from Roastworks’ founder Will Little.

For the Devon roastery crew, 2018 was all about punching their way out of their ‘micro roaster’ weight category and establishing themselves as a serious speciality heavyweight.

To win over discerning coffee folk, the growing team have supplemented their house blend (crafted from ethically sourced beans roasted on a 60kg vintage drum roaster) with a winning bill of additional coffees – both single origins and blends.

‘Roastworks’ Nespresso-compatible capsules are 100 per cent recyclable’

Roastworks’ commitment to making speciality coffee less of an elite sport is matched by its determination to positively influence the industry through innovation. This year the team also launched their Nespresso-compatible capsules which are 100 per cent recyclable.