Project Description

Choosing between the vast crop of blends, origins, varietals and processes on the market can be a mind-boggling exercise for even the most seasoned coffee drinker. So when the band of creatives at Common decided to start roasting beans from a country bakery, they opted to make the selection process as simple as possible for their customers.

‘we stick to the fundamentals and keep it fun’

This straightforward approach has resulted in four delicious roasts: Strong, Sweet, Bright and Complex. ‘We stick to the fundamentals and keep it fun to make the choice easy,’ explains head roaster Katelyn Thomson.

Explore the collection (a blend and three single origins) via the delivered-to-your-door Tasting Box – although the best way to decide what floats your boat is to beat a path to the Woodlea Stables roastery, bakery and smallholding and then drink the coffees as made by the experts.

It’s also a chance to stock up on seriously good sourdough and free-range eggs from the house hens. Open to the public (8.30am-2pm) Friday to Sunday.