Project Description

Somerset’s high altitude coffee specialist is hitting new heights in 2018 via some exciting developments.

The roasting – which takes place on a Giesen WA6 in the Wellington cafe roastery – is about to be elevated further with the arrival of a big brother Giesen A30. 

It’ll be cooking up coffee sourced from across the world and, in particular, beans that are the result of Brazier’s special relationship with Kinini in Rwanda. 

‘The roasting is about to be elevated with the arrival of a Giesen A30’

Then there’s the refurbishment of a three-storey listed building (in addition to the two cafe sites), and the employment of an exec chef who has worked with the likes of Gordon Ramsay.

Cafes that work with Brazier are also benefiting: a new engineering division – with workshop and full-time engineers on the road – has been launched so machine glitches can be sorted speedily. ‘We genuinely care about our customers,’ says Brazier owner, Tom. ‘We tailor the coffee to them, provide details of our ethical sourcing and traceability, offer training in layout, workflow and barista skills and even supply, install and maintain equipment.’