Your 2020 hit list of must-visits where mean brews and delicious fodder are crafted with a focus on sustainability and a healthy dose of planet-pleasing practices

Boston Tea Party (pictured above)
across the South West

The West Country mini-chain has become a change-maker in the battle against waste since it announced a blanket ban on single-use cups across its 22 branches in May 2018. Saving over 250,000 cups (and counting) from going to landfill, the team have now turned to tackling plastic and swapped milk bottles for 13-litre reusable milk containers.

This Must Be The Place, Ireland

This Must Be The Place
Westport, Ireland

Ask the crew at this Westport cafe who roasted the beans in your flat white, who picked the leaves garnishing your sweet-potato cakes or who kneaded the sourdough with which you mopped up every last drop of curry mayo and, nine times out of ten, they’ll have a name for you. Championing local producers is at the heart of Susan Timothy and Andrew McGinley’s teeny coffee shop, their passion for provenance singing from the inventive, organic and mostly vegetarian menu.

Foodstory Zero, Scotland

Foodstory Zero
Aberdeen, Scotland

Foodstory Zero takes the eco-conscious ethos of its city centre sister, Foodstory, one step further. With a zero waste and packaging concept, the cafe delivers where others make vague promises: Obadiah delivers the house beans in vacuum-sealed containers, while a reusable cup is a must if you want your brew togo (though you can make use of donated vessels). There’s even a Belfast sink available so you can give your KeepCup a quick swill before you order.

Penylan Pantry, Cardiff

Penylan Pantry

Melissa Boothman was ahead of the curve when she opened her popular Penylan delicatessen and cafe in 2013. Launching as an environmentally conscious concept which offered a wide range of milk alternatives at no extra cost and championing hyperlocal producers from day one, the Pantry was doing the eco thing before green became the new black.