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Know someone who loves good coffee and who would appreciate a box of freshly roasted speciality beans delivered to their door for their birthday or a special occasion? Or do you want to say thank you or simply send them a treat because they deserve it?

The Coffee Gift Box contains two bags of artisan, speciality coffee which has been roasted by this month’s hand-picked independent roasteries. It’ll be delivered to their door with a gift card and a copy of our coffee journal, Brew which features tasting notes and roastery details for the coffee, coffee shop recipes and coffee info.

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Espresso or filter roast?

Espresso roast

An espresso roast is designed to bring out the unique flavours of the beans when brewed using an espresso machine or stovetop. Espresso machines produce a syrupy, concentrated, ‘stronger’ tasting coffee which can be drunk on its own, with hot water or with hot milk to create a flat white, cappuccino or latte.

Filter roast

A filter roast is created for brewing methods such as cafetiere, AeroPress and any pour-over methods like a filter or percolator. Filter roasts are typically roasted lighter to reveal the more subtle flavours in the coffee.

What to choose?

If you’re brewing using an espresso machine, select an espresso roast and we’ll send you coffees that are roasted to work best in an espresso machine.

If you use a filter method, you can be flexible. A filter roast will reveal subtler, sweeter flavours.

However, taste is subjective. So, if you like more body and a darker flavour go for  ‘espresso’ roast. If you use a filter method or prefer a lighter taste then select ‘filter’.

Freshness is your friend

As befitting carefully sourced speciality-grade coffee, the beans are delivered to you within days of being roasted. That’s one of the ways we can guarantee the optimum coffee drinking experience.

However, very occasionally getting hold of green beans can prove difficult as a result of global conditions beyond our roasters’ control. So while we plan which coffees will be in the box and featured in Brew, if there are issues we will replace any missing coffees with those of equal or higher quality and send you tasting notes by email.

We figure that, like us, you’d prefer to receive freshly roasted high-quality speciality coffee rather than beans that have been sitting in a warehouse for months.

The beans are in whole form and you can choose espresso roast (if they’ve got an espresso machine) or filter roast if they use a cafetière, Chemex, drip filter etc.

The beans come packaged in one of our beautiful bold yellow Indy Coffee Boxes and the whole box of loveliness costs just £20, including post and packaging.

How it works

When you place your order, you’ll get to choose the coffee type, put in the recipient’s details and also download a special gift note which you can put print out to put in a card for them. This way they’ll know what the gift is and when it will be delivered. We deliver once a month, four or five days after the coffee has been roasted (for optimum freshness).

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