How to brew: cafetiere coffee

Learn how to make perfect cafetiere coffee

We got the low-down on the classic cafetiere coffee serve style from the gurus at Extract Coffee Roasters in Bristol

You’ll need

  • Cafetiere
  • Grinder
  • Scales
  • Timer
  • Mug
  • Coffee beans
  1. For two people, coarsely grind 35g of coffee and add to the cafetiere.
  2. Slowly pour 500ml of not-quite boiling water onto the grounds. Start your timer and after 30 seconds stir the grounds which have settled at the top of the water. Leave for a further 3½ minutes.
  3. Place the plunger on top and slowly press down. Decant the entirety of the cafetiere once plunged to prevent over-extraction.
  4. Luxuriate in caffeinated goodness.

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