How to brew: AeroPress

Ready to take your home brewing to the next level?

Ready to take your home brewing to the next level? The pros at Bristol’s Extract Coffee Roasters talk us through the trusty AeroPress

Created by Alan Adler, a Stanford University engineer and inventor of the Aerobie flying ring, the Aeropress is a simple, easy and (almost) foolproof brew method. Coffee is brewed by pushing water through the ground coffee using what looks like a giant syringe. It might sound strange, but produces a smooth, flavourfull brew that is typically fuller-bodied than a pour-over but cleaner than a cafetiere.

When it comes to coffee roast style, you can use either filter or espresso roast according to your taste and Aeropress recommend a fine grind size, somwhere between espresso and filter.

And if you get good, you can always enter your local heats of the World Aeropress Championships

You’ll need

  1. An AeroPress will hold 240ml of water, so medium-fine grind 18g of coffee beans.
  2. Rinse out the paper filter before constructing the AeroPress: we recommend putting both chamber and plunger together and standing them upside down.
  3. Place the coffee in the bottom of the top chamber before adding the water on top. Start the timer and stir the grounds and water for 30 seconds.
  4. After 2 minutes total brew time, pop the cap on with the filter inside. Flip the AeroPress on top of the mug, slowly plunge for 30 seconds and enjoy.

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