About the Indy Coffee Box

Hello. Welcome to the Indy Coffee Box, a family-run business based in north Devon on Barnstaple’s historic quayside. It was from this quay that wool and textiles were traded from the Middle Ages and in the 16th Century ships were sent to fight the Spanish Armada. We’re slightly easier going these days, and now we deliver top-notch coffee to fans across the UK

We’ve been in the coffee biz for almost a decade. In 2014, we launched the award-winning Independent Coffee Guide, and since then we’ve worked with the UK’s best indie cafes and roasteries to create the award-winning series of guides.

Only independent businesses roasting speciality-grade coffee are eligible to be included in the guides, and our close relationship with industry insiders means we’ve got unrivalled access to the very best coffees being roasted across the country.

We were among the first people to champion speciality coffee to the mainstream, and we’ve continued to spread the word ever since.

The Indy Coffee Box Team
The Indy Coffee Box team spreading the word about speciality coffee.

Coffee is our passion

All coffees included in the Indy Coffee Box are roasted by independent, artisan roasters who have a real passion for crafting the best speciality coffee possible. Many of them source directly from farmers, which gives them first dibs on the best beans and ensures the farmers get every penny they deserve for their crop. This means our coffees not only score highly on quality but also on sustainability and fairness.

Why The Indy Coffee Box?

It’s often difficult to get your hands on such a vast array of coffees – from micro-lots to limited-edition blends – so we started Indy Coffee BoxIndy Coffee Box to bring sustainable and fantastic-tasting coffee to everyone.

We supply one of the biggest range of coffees in the UK including well-known, and not-so-well-known speciality coffee roasters at extremely competitive prices.

We take coffee freshness and quality very seriously so you can be assured that:

  • Our coffee beans always taste their best because they’re roasted to order for you and delivered in peak condtion
  • We supply in genuine, large 250g bags straight from the roaster in it’s original bag – we don’t rebag beans like other subscriptions
  • Packaged and delivered in a secure but compostable box with a copy of Brew, our exclusive coffee magazine

Buy with Confidence

We know that you might need more or less coffee and that some orders will be bought as gifts, so, we make sure that our delivery and returns policies look after our customers. You can pause, cancel or restart your subscription at any time and if you have any quibbles with your order, please let us know and we will go the extra mile to help you out.