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From: £18.99 / month

From: £18.99 / month

Our rolling monthly subscription is for free-spirited coffee lovers who don’t want to tie down their caffeine demands.

Choose between two, three or four bags per month depending on your penchant for the good stuff. Let us know your home brew set-up (filter or espresso) and we’ll send roast-styles which are going to taste sweeeeet via your preferred serve.

Want to up your bags or change your serve style? Don’t sweat, you can swap your preferences – no biggie.


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Freshness is your friend

As befitting carefully sourced speciality-grade coffee, the beans are delivered to you within days of being roasted. That’s one of the ways we can guarantee the optimum coffee drinking experience. However, very occasionally getting hold of green beans can prove difficult as a result of global conditions beyond our roasters’ control. So while we plan which coffees will be in the box and featured in Brew, if there are issues we will replace any missing coffees with those of equal or higher quality and send you tasting notes by email.

We figure that, like us, you’d prefer to receive freshly roasted high-quality speciality coffee rather than beans that have been sitting in a warehouse for months.


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